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Current Genetics

Puro Loco

Papaya x Moonbow

Ginger Tea

(Pure Thai x Face Off OG) x Moonbow

Fritter Licker

Apple Fritter x Face Off OG

Kirkwood OG

F-Cut OG x Face Off OG

Southern Belle

Irene OG x Dosidos


Zkittlez x Face Off OG

Oregon Lemons

Lemon Diesel x Face Off OG

Crazy Hazey

(Big Sur Holy Weed x Face Off OG) x Moonbow


Papaya x Guavaz

Light Speed

(Lemon Peel x Dosidos) x Moonbow

Eager Beaver

Undisclosed Genetics

Pie Face

Cherry Pie x Face Off OG

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All of our flower is cultivated by us personally. We do not import flower.

We exclusively grow indoors using organic living soil and use nothing synthetic.

All of the flower we stock is considered strong but as a general rule if the price is higher the effects are likely to be felt more intensely by an experienced smoker.

people been raving

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“Easily the best place for herb in Chiang Mai if not Thailand. Well stocked with plenty of variety and there’s even a place to chill and smoke. Sells papers, grinders, flower and pre-rolls too!”
Phil Moore
Digital Nomad